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 Variation anglaise théâtralisée sur Le Grand Inquisiteur

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Magnus Rector
Magnus Rector

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MessageSujet: Variation anglaise théâtralisée sur Le Grand Inquisiteur   Dim 4 Fév - 7:21

Variation anglaise théâtralisée sur Le Grand Inquisiteur

(The scene takes place in a dark cell. God is dressed quite poorly with a simple black top and simple black trousers; he is barefoot. The Grand Inquisitor wears a wide leather coat and a communist kepi.)

GRAND INQUISITOR: Finally, we are together, you little dark heretic! How did you dare do those things? Here and now, in Seville, in anno domini 1555, you set about impious acts of black magic. Using a tricky power, you have made the crowd believe that you were able to revive people from the dead. And now they are shouting outside the walls of this jail asking for your release.

GOD: I do not use any black magic. I was sent this morning when Dawn rose upon the sublunary world. I am here to give men back the freedom that you stole from them.

GRAND INQUISITOR: What are you accusing me of? You are the guilty one, I am not. Do you realize who you are talking to? My name is Nostradamus, I have been the most respected Grand Inquisitor that has ever existed!

GOD: I know this. I have always known it. I understand you better than anyone.

GRAND INQUISITOR: Thus you must know that you have deviated from God’s Will, from the path that leads to faith, that you have been wandering on the road to perdition. Therefore you deserve a punishment.

GOD: I have already redeemed mankind and I am my own shepherd. I have decided to come back to show you the way. For 1500 years, the Church has strayed from the point. You and your fathers decided a long time ago to steal the greatest gift that had ever been given to man. You know what I mean, I am talking about freedom.

GRAND INQUISITOR: Can you keep your heretic mouth quiet! You must be sent by the Devil himself, none but Satan! How do you dare talk about freedom? It is not any kind of gift, it is a curse.

GOD: It belongs to human nature; this need, this metaphysical aspiration for freedom is part of the divine mystery.

GRAND INQUISITOR: You are a liar. Men do not want freedom, that is why they have left their doom into our hands. They have laid their whole faith upon the Church because they were afraid of freedom.

GOD: If freedom was a burden, so I would have jumped that day. Can you remember, in spite of your age, what happened that day when I was in the desert alone with Satan and his temptations? Can you remember what he said? “If thou wouldst know whether thou art the Son of God then cast thyself down, for it is written: the angels shall hold him up lest he fall and bruise himself, and thou shalt know then whether thou art the Son of God and shalt prove then how great is thy faith in thy father.” But I did not cast myself down that day. No, that day, I chose to let men have their freedom, I imposed them no miracle.

GRAND INQUISITOR: But who do you think you are? You are nothing but a man, an agitator. You, blasphemer, you are desperately trying to destroy men’s religion, men’s faith because of your tricks. Charlatan is your name for you make them believe that you are almighty. But I have spotted you since the beginning. You are a freemason plotting against us! We are the true messengers of God’s Will; Miracle, Mystery and Authority, here are our forces, our holy interpretation of the divine Work! For 1500 years men have been united behind our banner, docile sheep from our flock that have always kept faith in us until their silent and quiet death.

GOD: Did they tell you what had happened to your God?

GRAND INQUISITOR: They told me enough! They told me Nietzsche had killed him.

GOD: No, I am your God! I am the one who could have changed stones into bread as I was advised to when I was in the desert with Satan. But I did not do it either that day! I preferred giving freedom to men!

GRAND INQUISITOR: I have known it since the beginning. You have to die though, so that men survive, which they cannot do if they are free. Tomorrow, as the previous days, there will be an amazing auto de fe. You will be burnt there. Dixi.

GOD: Shall I say anything to convince you that you are wrong? Shall I try to show you? But you only need to dwell into your heart, into your old, frozen and bleak heart, since the truth lies there, intact and pure. I know what you are about to say: “Come down from the cross and we will believe that thou art he.” But I will not. I’d rather die if it is a means of discrediting you to the crowd that is shouting outside. I am looking forward to being burnt tomorrow, since perhaps it will be the first day of freedom for men. Remember: “If God did not exist, everything would be possible.”

GRAND INQUISITOR: Go away! Go and come no more! Vanish for ever and burn in Hell!

MaGnUs ReCtOr

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Apostola Stulta
Apostola Stulta

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MessageSujet: Re: Variation anglaise théâtralisée sur Le Grand Inquisiteur   Dim 4 Fév - 7:34

And so did God : he ran away and never came back Twisted Evil

Marx, et ça repart!
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Variation anglaise théâtralisée sur Le Grand Inquisiteur
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